In edgemo green, you don't just become part of the team. Together with Danoffice IT and edgemo, we are part of something bigger - a workplace with a global reach and with the clear aim of making a difference.

In edgemo green and throughout our organization, the culture is strong. We take care of each other. And our awareness is strong – we are working together to take better care of the world

Development in our DNA

When Niels Peter Holm founded edgemo green in 2010, there was not the same focus on sustainable development as we see today. This meant that we got a solid head start in developing the way we run our business and our workplace, to the benefit of both customers and employees. In our organization we share a worldview: Danoffice IT, edgemo and edgemo green were started by enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a dream of doing things differently and a little better; a dream come true! Because we make a difference - not least when we pool our strengths and skills.

Our contribution to the world starts in Denmark, but reaches out - also to the most distant parts of the globe and to the world's focal points. Therefore, it is important for us to bring responsibility into our everyday life and into what we deliver.

We have the entire chain ourselves – and we have each other

We work with both new sales and recycling. And as something completely unique, we own the entire chain and processes ourselves. From logistics to storage. "But used IT - that must require a special insight and specialisation?" you might be thinking. To that we can only answer: Not necessarily!

"The person comes first. Knowing the industry can be an advantage, but because we work very differently from the traditional IT industry, it is not a prerequisite. It can also be an advantage to have had contact with brokers abroad, but again the most important thing is that we can work together. We are not individualists, we are people who can build bridges and work together."

A culture in good shape

That we cherish a good culture is not just something we say because it has to sound nice. It is even written into our Cultural Constitution. It is a Basic Law that we don't just read, but that we live. We invest continuously and heavily in organization and culture. Because we know that we need to spar with others at eye level and across disciplines, and that we all need inspiration and social interaction. Therefore - in a time of extreme labor shortage - we can boast an exceptionally high retention rate.

+250 colleagues and your new manager are waiting for you

Success is contagious, and the amount of customers and tasks increases. That requires more edgemo green hands. Just as it requires more edgemo and Danoffice IT hands in both Denmark and abroad. If there is nothing that matches what you are looking for right now, please feel free to send an unsolicited application.

Let us help you with your used it